Full Package Auto Detail

Apple Auto Detailing NYC

Apple Auto Detailing NYC

Full Package Auto Detail - Apple Auto Detailing in NYC

Our Signature Full Package Detail... This includes everything the interior and exterior combines. This is a great service if you are selling your car, returning your car in for a lease or, you just love having the shiniest and cleanest car on the road.

We first focus on the interior where we use deep cleaning chemicals and dry shampoo for carpets. If you have pet hair we get out as much as possible. We use powerful vacuums and air hoses to get your interior looking like new and restored. We deep clean your leather/vinyl and cloth section by section.We have found the perfect combination to a clean fresh interior.

We include a hand wash, clay bar to remove caked on residue, shammy dry. Wheels and tires with special commercial cleaners. We then then buff with different types of heavy glazes that won't swirl any paint. Our glazes will take out fine scratches and restore the paint. and compound only if necessary. We then coat it with a very nice polish and wax. buff finish and tire shine then applied, windows cleaned inside and out.

finished result finished and shiny and super clean.

This service should be done at least once or twice a year. This is a major overhaul and takes time.

Prices range from $275.00-350.00 Cash price $10.00 off

Tax included in ALL prices!
This service can take up to 7 hours per vehicle

Full detail small cars $275.00

Cash price: $265.00

Full detail SUVs and larger cars $300.00-$325.00

Cash price: $290.00-$315.00

Full detail large SUVs & minivans $325.00-350.00

Cash price: $315.00-$340.00

pet hair removal extra fee: $25-35 dollars


Car Washing Includes:

  • Wash car with special car wash soap, and applied with soap glove
  • Special wheel cleaner applied to car
  • Items in car organized and put into bags
  • Rinse car with water
  • Vacuum interior
  • Use vinyl and leather cleaner for interior
  • Odor removal with new car scent or fresh scent
  • Glass cleaner applied
  • Tire shine finish
  • Thank you floor mat paper

Car Waxing Includes:

  • Waxing is an important STEP
  • Applying a wax coat to your vehicle will protect the paint of your car from nature's harshest elements.
  • At Apple Detailing center we recommend having your car waxed twice a year.
  • During the winter and summer months your car faces extreme weather.
  • It is most important to have paint protection during these two seasons at the minimum.
  • If you demand the best look, the solution is an application of a high quality wax or polish we use here


Interior Detail Includes:

  • Most stains are removed
  • Dry shampoo all interior carpets
  • deep clean and shampoo seats
  • Vents are cleaned and air hosed
  • 99% of pet all hair removed
  • Special odor eliminator applied
  • It's Fantastic service

Exterior Detail Includes:

  • Fully wash the car with professional cleaning products
  • Professional auto paint clay bar rub
  • Mildly abrasive glaze or, compound application
  • Fine polish and wax
  • Swirl marks removal
  • Tire shine application


We recommend:
full details at least once to twice a year. Washes bi weekly for maintenance. Interior details as often as you like, exterior details as often as four times a year. Waxing in between detail services.

100% satisfaction guaranteed! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Call now to make your reservation: (212) 229-2553


With a professional staff of detailing experts, we guarantee satisfaction.We only use the highest quality professional cleaning and polishing products on your vehicles.Hand wax preparation and application is the only way to insure a perfect finish.


Before Apple Detailing - The leather seats are dull and dirty.

Before Detailing

After Apple Interior Detailing - The leather seats are clean and looking like new!

After Detailing

A clean car is a happy car.

Superior Interior Detailing