Hand Car Wash & Waxing in NYC

Hand Car Wash & Waxing includes all the wash service has to offer and then...
Then we apply a high end professional polish to your car using Automatic Products. (One of the best commercial grade polish and waxes for your clear coat)
We either hand towel off or buff it off with a polish pad on a high speed buffer.


Car Washing Includes:

  • Wash car with special car wash soap, and applied with soap glove
  • Special wheel cleaner applied to car
  • Items in car organized and put into bags
  • Rinse car with water
  • Vacuum interior
  • Use vinyl and leather cleaner for interior
  • Odor removal with new car scent or fresh scent
  • Glass cleaner applied
  • Tire shine finish
  • Thank you floor mat paper

Car Waxing Includes:

  • Includes all of washing plus
  • Applying a wax/ polish by hand
  • remove wax by hand or polish pad on buffer
  • waxing is a great way to shine your car in between details.
  • It is most important to have paint protection during the harsh summer months and winter months.
  • waxing your car frequently keeps the your car shiny and protected 


Prices range from $105.00-$120.00 

$5.00 discount for cash

NYC tax included.

Dog hair/pet hair extra charge
                                                                                                        About a two hour service.

This is a great service that should be done in between detail jobs. You can do this as often as you like, or as needed

Call today: (212) 229-2553


With a professional staff of detailing experts, we guarantee satisfaction.We only use the highest quality professional cleaning and polishing products on your vehicles.Hand wax preparation and application is the only way to insure a perfect finish.


APPLE AUTO DETAILING uses some of finest cleaning products on the market. You will love our work.